Walking routes Wemeldinge

Walking routes wemeldinge

A number of walking routes have been set out through and around Wemeldinge.

On these routes you will pass the nicest and most beautiful places in Wemeldinge.
You can easily download the routes for free from the website by clicking on the title and downloading the pdf with the View button.

Get out and take a walk. Have fun.


4 walking routes Wemeldinge (with map) Popular

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4 walking routes Wemeldinge (with map)
Image: 4 walking routes Wemeldinge

There are 4 nice walking routes around Wemeldinge:

Walking route Village and polder (about 4 km)

This walk takes you through the authentic Dorpsstraat,
past the vliedberg and St. Maartenskerk and you pass a
real former "stew". Tip: On Saturday afternoon
you can often visit the mills!

Stroll along the waterfront (about 3 km)

Varied walk along the waterfront and through it
small Wemeldingse forest. Nice view in clear weather
the Zeeland Bridge. Enjoy the waterfront and watch how
the divers enter the water. Maybe you are lucky and can
pick up oysters / cruckles, real salty Zeeland delights!

Banjer route (about 6.5 km)

A lovely walk with the dog along the water. The
dog is allowed to swim (outside the high season).
on the beach. You walk a nice stretch along the Canal
through South Beveland, on the east side of Wemeldinge.

Round trip to Wemeldinge (about 9.5 km)

Get a breath of fresh air on the dike and enjoy the vastness
view in the polder.

Parlevinkers Route Wemeldinge Popular

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Parlevinkers Route Wemeldinge
Image: Parlevinkers route Wemeldinge

Described walking route (about 8 km) with historical information about Wemeldinge and the canal through South Beveland.

Download the walking route as a pdf from the website.

Historical Walk Wemeldinge (approx. 8km)

Walking brochure Wemeldinge along water and on land Popular

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Take a detour in Wemeldinge

  • Hundred-year-old lime trees in the Dorpsstraat
  • Slops
  • The windmills
  • Oosterschelde National Park
  • Porpoises
  • Stroll along the water, through the old village and between fields and fruit orchards.
  • And get to know the two faces of Wemeldinge: on the water and on land.

Download this route for free as a PDF.

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