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Service ABC Oesterbaai


Telephone number Reception: +31 113-621444
The Park Manager can be reached outside the reception opening times and in urgent cases via
Tel. +31 6-11 04 23 03.

GP practice Wemeldinge:
Prinses Beatrixweg 52c, 4424 AD Wemeldinge
Tel. +31 113-621438.
For the weekend services we refer you to the GP in the Goes hospital:
Tel: +31 900-1785 or 0031 883388420. Only by appointment.

Dental care Goes, van Hallstraat 2, 4463TZ, Goes
Tel. +31 113-215716

Pharmacy: Prinses Beatrixweg 52c, Wemeldinge
Tel. +31 113-62 14 38.

Animal Clinic Yerseke, Molenlaan 24, Yerseke
Tel: +31 113-572756.
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 08:30 - 20:00, Saturday 09:00 - 12:00.

If you need first aid, go to the reception. In serious cases, call 112.

In the event of emergencies, you must immediately inform the reception.

If the reception is closed, you can notify the park management via the emergency number
Tel. +31 6- 11 04 23 03.

ANWB Roadside Assistance:
Tel. (+31 88) 269 28 88.

In the event of fire or other calamities, report immediately to 112 and to the reception / Park Manager via the emergency number
Tel. +31 6-11 04 23 03.

Report theft directly to the reception / Park Manager.

They will then contact the local police in Zeeland, bureau Kruiningen
Tel. +31 900-8844.

You can go to your bungalow from 3 pm.

We ask you to check the inventory list when you arrive at the house.

For any additions you can contact the reception.

RABO cash machine:
Pr. Beatrixweg 54
4424AD Wemeldinge
Tel: +31 113-248000.

RABO bank Kapelle, opposite church in center village.
Cash dispensers are available here.

Barbecuing at your bungalow is only allowed in accordance with the following rules:

  • Use a safe barbecue.
  • Do not place the barbecue on a soft surface (eg grass), but choose a firm location (preferably your terrace).
  • Keep fire extinguishers handy.
  • Use firelighters and no spirits.
  • Allow the barbecue to cool for 12 hours after use.

If you break a part of the small inventory (eg glassware, crockery, coffee machine), report it during opening hours at the reception.

You will receive a new one at the purchase price to supplement the inventory.

For information about church services, please visit the websites below of the churches in Wemeldinge.

Vrij Evangelische gemeente

Protestantse Gemeente Wemeldinge

Are you leaving?

When your stay comes to an end, we ask you to observe the following:

  • Remove the bedsheets and put the sheets in the hall.
  • Put all crockery and cutlery clean in the cupboards again.
  • Dispose of the waste in the appropriate containers (not in the green container).
  • Leave the bungalow 'broom' clean.
  • Please close windows and doors
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Clean the fireplace, if present. Do not use the vacuum cleaner for this.
  • Turn the thermostat back to 12 ° C.
  • The key (s), questionnaire form and invoice envelope can be handed in at the reception upon departure.
  • Did you issue your account number at the reception (in connection with a refund)?
  • If the reception is closed, you can deposit all this in the key box at the reception.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a save trip home!

We also try to be economical with energy at our parks.

You can help us by closing the curtains at night and lowering the heating at night.

You are also requested to leave the bungalow for longer periods, to lower the heating and to switch off the lights.

We request that you do not use high energy-consuming equipment in your bungalow.

If you are plagued by technical faults during your stay, please inform them at the reception so that we can rectify it as soon as possible.

If the reception is closed, in urgent cases, you can call the Park Manager via
Tel. +31 6-11 04 23 03.

If you have found or lost something, we ask you to report this at the reception.

These can be found at the Dorpsplein in Wemeldinge.

Gasstation Dorpsplein


Admiraal De Ruyter Hospital

Gravenpolderweg 114 Goes.

Tel. +31 113-234000

General practice center:

Tel: +31-883388420

Pursuant to the general conditions stated in the brochure, neither EXVO BV nor our employees can be held liable for theft, loss or damage of goods or for accident or injury to persons during or as a result of your stay at the park.

We can also accept no liability for the disruption or possible inoperability of technical installations or the failure or closure of facilities / facilities at the park.

Incoming mail:
Incoming mail for our guests is located in the mailboxes at the reception

Outgoing mail:
The outgoing mail can be handed in at the reception. This is collected every day, with the exception of Sunday.

Post agency:
Dorpsplein 23, Wemeldinge

Open on working days from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm and on Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

In the interest of yourself and the other guests, please ride at the park at a maximum speed of 10 km / h.

You can park 1 car at the bungalow. You must park a second car at the designated parking spaces.

Visitors prefer to park outside the park or on the general parking spaces.

NEVER on other people's grounds!

It is not allowed, even for loading or unloading, to drive or park on grassy areas.

Rest is one of the most important qualities of our park and we must therefore ask everyone to avoid all possible noise.

Radios, TV sets, musical instruments etc. should therefore not be audible outside your bungalow.

From 22:00 it is no longer allowed to make noise in the park.

Please do not use the horn of the car either.

Up to 2 pets are allowed on request in some bungalows.

We ask you to walk your dog at the designated outlet and to keep him on the leash at the park.

If you walk with your pet at the park, the animal must be on a leash. You must clean up the excrement yourself.

We also request that you do not leave your pet on the beds, benches and chairs.

The surcharge per pet is € 4.00 per night. Flea collars are mandatory.

The park also has pet-free bungalows; pets from visitors are also not allowed here.

Telephone announcements:
Messages are posted on the 'telephone messages' sign at the reception desk.

You will regularly check if there is a message for you.

Only in very urgent cases do we bring the message to your bungalow.

Phone cards are available, among others, at the supermarket.

Perhaps you have remarks and comments, despite our good care, please contact the Park Manager immediately.
He will be happy to find a satisfactory solution together with you.

If you are not completely satisfied, ask the Park Manager to draw up a report that you both sign.

You can send this report up to 1 month after your departure to:

Binnendijk 2/95,
4424NS Wemeldinge

the Netherlands

Only then will your complaints be dealt with further.

After this period it is no longer possible. For more information, see the general terms and conditions.

To ensure that your holiday does not end in disappointment, do not leave any money or valuables in your car or bungalow during your absence.

All bungalows in the park are basically smoke-free.

The park has a number of bungalows where smoking is permitted.

We trust that the non-smoking rule will be observed (unfortunately we can not give you a 'non-smoking guarantee').

Taxi Central,

Tel. +31 113-23 33 33.

Public transport:
You can inquire at the reception about a timetable.

You can also use the national travel information number

Tel: +31 900-9292 (€ 0.70 p. Min.). 

A large number of digital channels can be received in the bungalow:

Among others Nederland 1, 2, en 3 / RTL 4, 5, 7 en 8 / SBS 6 / RTL 9 / Disney XD / Veronica / Fox Sports eredivisie 1 / Eurosport / TLC / Dld. 1, 2 en N3 / NDR, SWF, RTL Television, Sat1 / BRT 1 / Ketnet / BBC 1 en 2 / CNN / Discovery / TMF / MTV / National Geographic / National geografic Wild and many differents.

It is not allowed to make adjustments to the order of the channels.

There is a remote control with the TV.

In the context of fire safety, we ask you not to leave the TV on stand-by.

Camping Linda

Oostelijke Kanaalweg 4

4424 NC Wemeldinge

Tel. +31 113-62 12 59.

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Invite guests during your stay.

To prevent unwanted guests, they must first report to the reception.

Visitors prefer to park outside the park.

Let's keep it tidy and deposit your waste in the appropriate containers.

The waste container, the paper container and the glass container can be found at bungalownr. 9, 50, 117 and at the reception.

With empty boxes, loosen the bottom and flatten or tear it apart.

Due to the landscape character of our park, it is not allowed to stretch clothes lines outside your bungalow.

To dry your laundry you can use the drying rack in the bungalow.