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information about the facilities on Viilaparc The Oysterbay

Vakantiepark De Oesterbaai is located in the picturesque village of Wemeldinge in Zeeland.

National Park the Oosterschelde.

The park is located directly at the National Park Oosterschelde and with its colorful bungalows is a true delight for the eye. Villapark de Oesterbaai is a child-friendly park, there is only traffic from the holiday guests at the park.

On the park there is a playground, jeu de boules court and a football field.

Within walking distance you will find several shops in Wemeldinge, including a supermarket, a bakery and a butcher.

The park is an excellent base for cyclists, golfers, hikers, and of course divers.

From this central place in Zeeland you can go every way to explore the province of Zeeland.

The reception staff are happy to help you plan your trips.


The reception of Villapark de Oesterbaai is centrally located in the park.

The bungalows at Villapark de Oesterbaai are equipped with free Wi-Fi.


The bungalows at Villapark de Oesterbaai are equipped with digital television with many different channels, also sports, nature and channels for children.

Bike rental
At the reception of the park you can rent bikes (also electric) if you want to experience one of the cycle routes.

The park has a playground with various play equipment such as a seesaw swing, pachenko goals, climbing frame and a sandbox.

Jeu de boules
At the park a jeu de boules court is present near the Reception.

Table tennis

We have nice table tennis, the bats and balls at the reception.

You can rent the balls in the reception.

At the reception there is a small library where you can borrow books.


When fishing is your hobby, the Oosterschelde offers a solution!

For all saltwater fishermen, fishing in this beautiful area is challenging and versatile.

You can practice your favorite sport from the shore or from a boat.

The Oosterschelde is rich in many types of fish. The offer varies from sole, flounder, sea bass and dab to eel, cod, whiting and mackerel.

We wish you a good catch!


You can swim near the park on one of the 2 beaches (see map) or in the sports and swimming complex Omnium in Goes (about 9 km).

Here you will find a subtropical swimming pool with two super slides with exciting light effects, a beauty salon and tanning beds.

There are also three sports halls where you can play squash, tennis and climbing.

Swimming pool Omnium Goes

Zwembadweg 3 4463 AB Goes T: +31 113-233388 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. W:

Den Inkel

2 outdoor pools and an indoor pool.

Blauwhoefseweg 10 4416 RC Kruiningen T: 0113-320144 W:



Golfing in Zeeland.

It is no different than that Zeeland offers plenty of space for golfers. Nowhere in the Netherlands are there so many jobs that have the salty sea breeze and the many hours of sunshine as extra. At a short distance from our park you will find De Goese Golf. The golf course is a polder course on 12 of the 18 holes, the player has to deal with waterhazards. There is also a 9-hole par 3 course.


The Domburgsche Golfbaan is one of the oldest golf courses in the Netherlands. The location in the dunes makes the Domburgsche a real 'left' course. Of course with a sea view. The golf course is often described as one of the most beautiful 9-hole courses in the country. The wind makes every round extra challenging. Golf course De Zeeuwsche is also on Walcheren. This is on the outskirts of Middelburg. It is a beautiful 9 hole course. Characteristic is the large amount of water. This makes the job a challenge if you are an experienced golfer.


Zuid-Beveland has two golf courses. The Goese Golf is the largest golf complex in Zeeland. Here you will find, among other things, a challenging 18-hole competition course. It is a beautiful, water-rich park track. Created in the Zeeland polder landscape. The course has wide fairways, creeks and water features. The location of Golfcentrum Reymerswael in Rilland-Bath is unique. On the Westerschelde. This is where Noord-Brabant, Zeeland and Flanders come together. It is an 18-hole sea-side course. With wide views over the Scheldt-Rhine Canal, the Westerschelde and the Brabantse Wal. Actually, your biggest opponent is the wind here. That is always present. And never gives up.

5 * dive hotspot Wemeldinge-Kattendijke
The first dive hotspot
On the south side of the Oosterschelde is the first 5 * dive spot in the Netherlands.

Under water the dive sites between Wemeldinge and Kattendijke are known for their exuberant and varied underwater life.

Especially Belgian divers know how to find these dive sites well.
That is why, together with the Belgian diving federation, the municipalities of Kapelle, Goes and the European Union, we have realized facilities for recreational users, so that you can dive here in a comfortable way.

Whoever says Zeeland thinks about mussels in the culinary field. And rightly throughout the year you can enjoy this Zeeland delicacy. But in the culinary field, Zeeland has so much more to offer. 

The Zeeland kitchen is a combination of salt and sweet.

The salt consists of fish, mussels, crab, oysters, not to mention the Oosterschelde lobster. But certainly also lamb's ear or samphire can often be found on the menu.
You certainly know the sweet delicacy, the Zeeuwse bolus, but also not forgetting the Zeeland babbler.
Zeeland also has its own brewed beers and the largest vineyard in the Netherlands is located in Zeeland.

So you see, Zeeland also has a lot to offer you in the culinary field.


Zeeland has 7 restaurants with Michelin stars.

Only a few kilometers away from Wemeldinge, in Kruiningen, is Restaurant Inter Scaldes, with 3 Michelin stars and, in Wilhelminadorp, Restaurant de Katse Veer with 1 Michelin star

Look here for an overview of the catering establishments in Wemeldinge.

If you want to enjoy a day on the water, Zeeland offers many possibilities. There is plenty of room to make a beautiful sailing trip.

Nature is beautiful and with a bit of luck you can see seals on tidal sandbanks lying in the sun.

If you do not want to sail yourself, but you would like to go to the sea, you will find plenty of skippers in Zeeland who will take you on board with pleasure. You will discover the charm of sailing, the wind through your hair, hold the helm and discover what the boat does. Port or starboard, sailing the wind or losing weight. On board, Zeeland water sports will live for you.

You can also take some sailing lessons during your holiday.

Originally Wemeldinge is a shippers' village which, due to its location at the end of the canal through South-Beveland, was well known within the trading and shipping circles.

Because of its location Wemeldinge always had a larger middle class than villages of equal size in Zeeland. However, due to the disappearance in 1990 of the locks in the canal, the service-providing factor for the entrepreneurs in Wemeldinge also disappeared.

In order to breathe new life into the village, the focus was on recreation, which, in view of the water sports opportunities on, in and around the Oosterschelde, also proved to be a right choice. Some campsites appeared, and in the Stormezandepolder where oyster pits were originally found, Villapark De Oesterbaai arose.

Remains of similar oyster pits can still be seen today, at low tide, between Villapark de Oesterbaai and Kattendijke. We also find out about the beach, the remains of the harbor of Lindenbergh.

The developer of De Oesterbaai opted for colorful houses that were built in four phases.
The first three phases have two types of homes, namely the detached 'Delta' houses and the two 'Gamma' houses under one roof. What both houses do have is that they are built according to the norm as if they were homes for permanent residence. As a result, the houses are spacious and fully equipped. The fourth phase which is located on the inner dike is clearly different and different in structure, but also have the playful appearance.

We have nice table tennis, the bats and balls at the reception.