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Will you soon be a guest at our beautiful Holiday Park for a short or longer period of time?

Then you will find all the information for you as a guest here.

In this Service ABC and the other pages of our website you can find all the information and tips for your visit.

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Safety Popular

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To ensure that your holiday does not end in disappointment, do not leave any money or valuables in your car or bungalow during your absence.

Smoke free bungalows Popular

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All bungalows in the park are basically smoke-free.

The park has a number of bungalows where smoking is permitted.

We trust that the non-smoking rule will be observed (unfortunately we can not give you a 'non-smoking guarantee').

Taxicompanies & public transport Popular

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Taxi Central,

Tel. +31 113-23 33 33.

Public transport:

You can inquire at the reception about a timetable.

You can also use the national travel information number

Tel: +31 900-9292 (€ 0.70 p. Min.). 

Television Popular

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A large number of digital channels can be received in the bungalow:

Among others Nederland 1, 2, en 3 / RTL 4, 5, 7 en 8 / SBS 6 / RTL 9 / Disney XD / Veronica / Fox Sports eredivisie 1 / Eurosport / TLC / Dld. 1, 2 en N3 / NDR, SWF, RTL Television, Sat1 / BRT 1 / Ketnet / BBC 1 en 2 / CNN / Discovery / TMF / MTV / National Geographic / National geografic Wild and many differents.

It is not allowed to make adjustments to the order of the channels.

There is a remote control with the TV.

In the context of fire safety, we ask you not to leave the TV on stand-by.

Tourist Office Popular

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Wemeldinge does not have a tourist information office.

At the reception you can find information about things to do in Wemeldinge and the surrounding area.

You can also find information and tips in Wegwijs in Wemeldinge, the information guide for guests and residents of Wemeldinge.

Click below for the online edition

wegwijs 2023

Visitors Popular

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Invite guests during your stay.

To prevent unwanted guests, they must first report to the reception.

Visitors prefer to park outside the park.

Washing lines Popular

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Due to the landscape character of our park, it is not allowed to stretch clothes lines outside your bungalow.

To dry your laundry you can use the drying rack in the bungalow.

Waste Popular

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Let's keep it tidy and deposit your waste in the appropriate containers.

The waste container, the paper container and the glass container can be found at bungalownr. 9, 50, 117 and at the reception.

With empty boxes, loosen the bottom and flatten or tear it apart.

Villaparc de Oesterbaai

Directly at the Nationalpark Oosterschelde

Binnendijk 2-95



T: +31 113-621444

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Wegwijs in Wemeldinge

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Oesterbaai Voordeelpas

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